Decathlon is encouraging people to trade in bicycles

Buying back bikes: Decathlon allows customers to trade in bicycles

Sports equipment retailer Decathlon wants consumers’ bikes – and is now allowing its customers to trade in bicycles.

As part of a the first stage of a dedicated ‘BuyBack’ initiative that it intends to grow over time, Decathlon is offering cash for its own-branded bikes. Those who own them but no longer want them can trade in bicycles via the scheme and receive money off their next purchase from the retailer, which already stocks a wide range of ‘Second Life’ products and is looking to grow this part of the business.

It marks the latest in a long line of circular retailing initiatives from Decathlon, which already this year tested the waters with a buy back programme using its most popular camping tent. It called on any festival goers who purchased a Quechua MH100 Two Person Tent – which costs £29.99 – to look after it and return it to its stores in exchange for a full refund in the form of a gift card.

The retailer is also doubling down on rental as a form of transacting with its customers, seeing this as an affordable way for more people to enjoy adventure sports, while also trying to prevent people buying lots of equipment and only using it sparingly.

There is a big push at Decathlon to keep goods in circulation for longer, and to that end it continues to promote its ‘Second Life’ campaign.

Encouraging consumers to trade in bicycles, Decathlon’s website says: “Trade in your old sports equipment with BuyBack and we’ll exchange your pre-loved items for gift cards.

“We’ll then find your old gear a second life. This means one less product needs to be made and one less goes to waste. A small but significant step towards us all consuming in a more sustainable way.”

All Decathlon bikes are eligible for selling back, with customers asked to insert the product code when registering their item online to receive a quote. But the retailer has stated “watch this space” and has promised to expand the BuyBack offering “quickly across the entire Decathlon range”.

Other points of interest

  • The BuyBack service is available across Decathlon’s 50 stores nationwide
  • Decathlon’s BuyBack mission has been launched in partnership with seven-time Olympic Champion, Jason Kenny, and five-time Olympic Champion, Laura Kenny
  • Following the launch of the initiative in Europe earlier this year, 251,000 products have been bought back by Decathlon, resold and given a second life across the continent. The BuyBack of Decathlon’s cycles have been particularly successful in Belgium stores, making up over 40% of sales, but the roll out of the initiative in the UK is expected to exceed this proportion.

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