Decathlon is encouraging people to trade in bicycles

Sports equipment to rent: Decathlon launches rental service across UK

Decathlon’s UK stores are now offering a comprehensive range of sports equipment to rent.

From kids bikes to kayaks and tennis rackets to paddle boards, the retailer is offering multiple rental items in time for the Easter holiday period, saying it wants to make to more sports available to people unable to afford to buy the full required gear.

Rental is also perceived to help keep products in use for longer, stopping people buying things that only get used once before being discarded – or overconsumption – which is linked with having a negative impact on the planet.

Sports equipment to rent is available from only £10 a day and comes with a 50% off price on the second day of rental.

The new service comes after Decathlon launched an initial rental trial in summer 2022, via its Surrey Quays, Braehead, Poole, and Southampton stores. Evidently that test-run was successful because rental is now available in 46 stores across the UK.

Each of the shops has its own rental-specific web page, where consumers can view rental availability and make a booking.

Before going it alone, Decathlon began a partnership with specialist hire business Hirestreet. The Hirestreet website started listing Decathlon skiwear for rental in January 2022, and that partnership still continues today.

Announcing the new sports equipment to rent service on LinkedIn, Decathlon said: “Our research showed that rising costs stop one in four people from trying a new sport, so we have launched our new rental scheme to help improve accessibility to sport for people across the UK.”

Decathlon said that rentals can be ordered online and collected in store an hour later – they can also be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance to allow for any changes in weather or personal situation.

The retailer calls rental “the perfect option for weekend getaways” or to try out new activities without the commitment of having to buy multiple items of equipment first.

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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