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Green Retail World is a media and events platform, monitoring developments in ‘eco-friendly’ retailing, and providing a forum for debate around retail’s green agenda.

Read our breaking news, in-depth features and industry good practice tracker to keep up with the latest hot topics, as the sector ramps up its focus on the planet and participates in the race towards carbon reduction and net zero in the years ahead.

From electric vehicles in fleets, renewable energy plays and environmentally-friendly packaging choices, to recycling schemes, more circular forms of commerce and general greener corporate thinking, Green Retail World keeps our audience of senior retail leaders up to date with the most critical developments of our times.

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A message from the editor...

Running a business leaves a carbon footprint, so any sustainability claims must always be taken with a pinch of salt.

But that’s not to say organisations cannot be greener – and improve their environmental credentials. Indeed, every week we’re hearing of new commercial initiatives that are scientifically proven to be better for the planet.

Green Retail World’s aim is to highlight when retailers and brands are doing things better and greener – and there are plenty of examples out there. Their inclusion on these pages is not to say they are a sustainable or green business per se; we are simply identifying best practice and reporting what we deem to be inspiring examples for the wider industry.

Systemic change is required to help combat the climate crisis, but incremental steps can help.