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‘No Tent Left Behind’: Decathlon provides incentive to return festival tents

Sports equipment retailer Decathlon is rewarding customers for returning tents after they have been used, so they can be repaired, resold, and kept in circulation.

In acknowledgment that many tents are left behind at festival sites across the UK once used, Decathlon is keen to help change behaviour by providing consumers with an incentive to look after their tent. All who purchased the Quechua MH100 Two Person Tent – which costs £29.99 – ahead of the 2023 festival season can return it in store and receive all their money back in the form of a gift card.

The item needs to returned in good condition. The retailer said this tent is its most popular product at this time of year, as consumers plan for Glastonbury and other major festivals across the UK and Europe.

“We’ve launched the ‘Festival Tent Pledge’ to reward customers for not leaving their tent behind – which is one of the biggest problems festivals face,” Decathlon said.

“The price of the tent makes it one of the most likely tents to be left behind by festival goers, and the initiative hopes to incentivise customers to return the tent after the festival for it to be resold as part of the Second Life range.”

The retailer added: “This helps to prolong the lifespan of tents and reduce single-use consumption.”

Running as ‘No Tent Left Behind’ and ‘The Festival Tent Pledge’, the campaign is being supported by BBC 6Music breakfast show host and broadcaster, Lauren Laverne, who has been encouraging people to “party responsibly at all festivals this year and show some love to the planet”.

Decathlon estimates around 250,000 tents are left behind at festivals across the UK each year with most going to landfill. Its pledge will run until 21 July, and the retailer has worked with music artist, Jack Teagle, to create in-store artwork that showcases the environmental impact associated with leaving a tent behind at a festival or camping site.

Chris Allen, sustainability leader at Decathlon UK, said: “Festival season is one of the busiest periods in our stores because of our wide camping offering.

“We know single-use tents are an environmental problem, and aim to reduce the amount left behind with our No Tent Left Behind campaign. We’re deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact, and will give a full refund in the form of a gift card on this tent to demonstrate our commitment to encouraging people to bring their tent home.”

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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