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5 for Friday roundup: Greener retailing news in brief

Green Retail World has covered circular fashion news, and updates from Charles Tyrwhitt, Mamas and Papas, and Tesco this week.

The following news in brief rounds up the week in greener retailing.

Ex-H&M Pascal Brun is new sustainability boss at Zalando…

Pascal Brun, who has headed up H&M’s greener retailing and sustainability work for the last four years, has joined Zalando as vice president for sustainability, diversity & inclusion (D&I), according to his LinkedIn profile.

“After 17 incredible years at H&M, I’m super excited to share that I’m starting a new position as VP sustainability and D&I at Zalando,” he writes.

“Looking forward to continue our industry transformation journey together with the Zalandos.”

…while a Zalando green leader heads the other direction!

Meanwhile, Laura Coppen – who we have featured on the pages of Green Retail World several times in her role as head of circularity & environment at Zalando for the last two years – has announced on LinkedIn that she is joining H&M Group Ventures to lead sustainability investments.

Commenting on H&M Ventures, she writes: “To date we have invested in 13 companies within the sustainable fashion pillar of our portfolio, including Infinited Fiber CompanyKintra FibersRenewcellTreeToTextileAlchemie Technology LtdKeel LabsRubi LaboratoriesColorifix LimitedAmbercycleMaterraSmartex.aiWorn Again TechnologiesFairbrics.

“We look forward to working closely together to reach scale. In addition, I have joined the newly reformed Infinited Fiber Company board as of August 23’, to support the scale up and pilot facility build in Kemi.”

She adds: “It has been a dynamic few years at Zalando, launching the company’s first circularity strategy, piloting new business models, investing in several recyclers, merging circularity with environment teams and more. Thank you to the dream team and all champions of sustainability at Zalando. We will stay in close collaboration to encourage the fashion sector to a more sustainable future.”

Introducing Pangaia ReWear

Fashion brand Pangaia announced “the first peer-to-peer resale platform leveraging digital IDs”, representing its latest greener retailing play.

Via a partnership with resale platform Archive and tech company EON, Pangaia is giving customers the chance to buy and sell pre-loved items by scanning their digital ID. The service has launched in the UK, but is expected to be rolled out internationally in due course.

NOUMI app goes live

Green Retail World partner NOUMI has launched its app on Android and iOS, meaning consumers can now download it and keep their digital receipts in one place.

More information about participating retailers will soon appear on these pages. Find out more about NOUMI by reading our recent coverage.

Activist retailer Lush offers ‘responsible trespass guides’ in 87 UK shops

Under a mission statement to “encourage local access to nature”, cosmetics brand Lush is distributing guides on how to trespass responsibly.

Across 87 Lush stores in England, consumers will be able to get hold of Trespass Guides from campaign group Right to Roam. The aim is to encourage access to nature in spots which are traditionally off limits to the public.

These guides will be available from Thursday 7 September to Wednesday 27 September, exclusively in Lush stores. According to the retailer, the publication encourages trespassers to follow principles of responsible access inspired by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which governs Scotland’s comprehensive system of access rights, and provide tips on how to politely manage confrontations with landowners.

The campaign is called “Nature Is For Everyone”, and all Lush UK store windows will features artwork by Nick Hayes, co-founder of Right to Roam and author of the Book of Trespass.

Jon Moses, a campaigner with Right to Roam, said: “With so much of the countryside off limits to the public we have become disconnected from our environment, meaning widespread damage often goes unnoticed.

“We urgently need a Right to Roam Act, not just for our nation’s physical and mental health, but for the protection of nature too.”

Lush stores will also sell a bespoke ‘Right to Foam’ soap, shaped as footpath signs, with all the money (minus the VAT) from sales going to support Right to Roam’s work.

[Image credit: Lush Cosmetics]

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