Digital receipts app NOUMI launches in UK

‘People will log in before heading to the shops’: NOUMI Digital Receipt App set for launch

This is a message from NOUMI, which is a Green Retail World partner.

Consumers will soon have access to a new app which allows them to store all their receipts in one app whilst taking advantage of an array of promotional offers, savings and incentives from participating NOUMI retailers.

NOUMI, a Green Retail World partner company, will go live in the iOS App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store the week commencing 3 July. It is free to download, there are no in-app purchases required, and the management team behind the product say it has been built to provide a frictionless customer experience that will quickly make it a fundamental part of many people’s shopping journeys.

Those who download the NOUMI app will be able to see which stores are on the NOUMI network, and have the chance to secure deals and redeem their exclusive in-app discounts at the point of purchase. They can save their receipts in one place, categorise important transactions (such as expenses) as favourites for easy lookup later on, and share them over email, WhatsApp or any other messaging app they use. It’s the alternative to receiving a printed copy, and all whilst keeping a tally of the trees and CO2 emissions being saved by opting for digital over paper receipts.

This green aspect should be compelling for retailers too, with NOUMI taking recognised industry stats from The Carbon Trust and Environment Agency, and applying them in terms of the positive ecological impact of issuing a digital receipt over paper. Retailers will be able to communicate their ongoing eco impact with an easy-to-download ‘NOUMI Ecology Infographic’ providing an instant point-in-time eco statement that can be shared on social media and more widely online in seconds.

Retailers can access metrics showing CO2 and trees saved, the tonnage of paper to landfill saved, and water usage (in paper production) saved as a result of going digital with receipting. And consumers can keep tally of their own impact, seeing how many trees they have ‘saved’ by working as part of the NOUMI community, and their individual CO2 savings, every time they opt for a digital receipt via NOUMI.

Retailers will be added to the network incrementally over the coming 12 months, starting in the north-west of England and South Yorkshire. And by summer 2024, hundreds of retailers – as well as petrol stations, coffee shops and other consumer-facing businesses – are expected to deploy NOUMI in-store enabling the growing app user base to collect their digital receipt.

Terry Knott, NOUMI managing director, said: “Some consumers are becoming app-weary and we’ve devised NOUMI to counter the proliferation of apps on a store-by-store basis for things such as receipt collection and customer loyalty.

“Success in the long term for us is not just people opening the app or downloading it to occasionally collect a digital receipt, we envisage retailers using our tools to upload their most attractive offers. And when customers are in the habit of proactively viewing the NOUMI app for the best retailer offers before they go shopping, we know that the NOUMI ecosystem will become self-serving and grow exponentially.”

He added: “We want consumers using the app as a regular aid to find the best local deals in-store – and we believe what some might perceive initially as a technology novelty, will become a second-nature consumer behaviour and the norm. In exactly the same way Chip and PIN and contactless card payment technology did to the market when it arrived.”

Knott continued: “NOUMI is a friction-free app from both a retailer partner and consumer user perspective, and we’re excited about where this launch takes us. Our four pillars from a retailer perspective are that we save them money in their point of sale operation, and add value to their business by providing valuable customer demographic data insights, self-serve marketing campaign tools, and positive benefit to their organisation’s ecological work.”

To encourage consumers to sign up to the app, NOUMI is promoting its launch with a £10,000 cash prize ‘Giveaway’ incentive. NOUMI will be making this incentive available to app users through simply collecting their NOUMI digital receipt in the months ahead. Anyone downloading the app and collecting a digital receipt on the platform will be entered into a draw to win one of multiple cash prizes from this NOUMI launch promotion.

Local press and social media marketing campaigns will be distributing the NOUMI message over the summer months, and participating stores will be heavily promoting the app on their premises.

NOUMI has been testing its service with a small network of independent retail business owners as well as a nationwide retail chain, and will be due to roll out this company on its network very soon. Green Retail World will be bringing you news of that as and when it happens.

For NOUMI, the twin task of extending its body of retailer clients and driving more consumer downloads continues in earnest.

Knott added: “We want people to shop and say “I’ll NOUMI my receipt and I’ll get my in-app offers” – we want the company to become a verb in the shopping journey and synonymous with digital receipting.”

Read more about the NOUMI in this Q&A with managing director, Terry Knott. As a Green Retail World partner, there will be more coverage of NOUMI in the months ahead as it secures new collaborations and further develops its proposition.

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