Charles Tyrwhitt rental trial gets under way

Suits for hire: Charles Tyrwhitt rental range embedded into e-commerce site

Charles Tyrwhitt rental products are now available online after the formalwear retailer launched a pilot project supported by Zoa Rental.

Morning suits, dinner suits, tuxedos and jackets are all available to hire as the retailer trials a Charles Tyrwhitt rental range in the months leading up to and around the festive season – which is traditionally busy period for work parties and other festivities. Items available are also suitable for wedding parties and other formal occasions, according to the retailer.

Customers can hire attire directly from the existing product page on the Charles Tyrwhitt website thanks to the integration of Zoa Rental – the software from rental specialist, Hirestreet, which companies can white label for integration on their own platforms.

Prices for the Charles Tyrwhitt rental goods start from £60 per suit, and they come with a minimum hire period of three days. Consumers scrolling through the retailer’s website click on items for more detail, at which point they can choose if they want to purchase the item or rent it for a significantly reduced hire fee.

Returning the goods once they have been used involves placing the items in the bag they arrived it, attaching the prepaid returns label which accompanied the initial delivery, and dropping it off at a Post Office branch.

Alongside the second-hand market, rental is one of the routes to market deemed to be more circular – and therefore a model many commentators declare is better for the environment than traditional fashion consumption. Companies such as Hirestreet argue that more people renting means there is less need for clothing production and a greater chance of garments staying in circulation for longer.

Other Zoa Rental users include Harmur and Finisterre. The latter launched a rental service in July 2023 for Yulex wetsuits in an effort to make these products, which are made with more sustainable materials, available to a wider audience.

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