Digital receipts and money off coffee at launch of NOUMI

Digital receipts: NOUMI app goes live and arrives in store

Digital receipts app NOUMI is now officially available for download, and it can be used in store for the first time.

Downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play, the app is already being used by consumers to replace paper receipts with digital versions. The Esso EG Beehive Service Station, Blackburn, is the first retailer to introduce technology at its point of sale that enables NOUMI to be used by customers.

As part of its 2023 partnership with NOUMI, Green Retail World was at the Esso service station 24 hours post launch, and editor Ben Sillitoe joined hundreds of other consumers in downloading the app, making a purchase, and storing receipts on the digital platform.

To mark the grand unveiling, NOUMI partnered with this Esso service station to offer everyone who downloaded the app a cut price Starbucks coffee from the self-service machine. NOUMI enables retailers to create promotional marketing campaigns in-app to drive store traffic, and this will be a cornerstone of the NOUMI offering for all retailers partnering with the company over time.

Customer attraction

During launch year, anyone choosing to take a NOUMI digital receipt rather than a paper version will be entered into one of the business’s regular prize draws to win a share of £10,000. There will be 26 separate prize draws and 52 winners over the next 12 months, according to NOUMI, with the lucky consumers set to share the five-figure sum. Prize draws take place either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Digital receipts offered at Beehive service station in Blackburn
The site of the the first in-store NOUMI deployment, but the company expects to partner with more stores in the coming months

The NOUMI £10k Cash Giveaway is an exclusive promotion that provides NOUMI app users with a chance to be rewarded for selecting what the company argues is a greener form of receipting. Each time a digital receipt is saved on the app, the platform informs the user how many trees have been saved, and how much CO2 each individual app user is saving as a result of their activity – these are figures based on Carbon Trust methodology.

App users are in the hundreds right now, but the company expects its prize draw, ongoing special offers on the platform, and the opportunity to save paper to trigger millions of downloads by the end of next year – and there are already plans to introduce the tech to more stores in the coming months.

As the user base grows, retailers partnering with NOUMI will be able to access aggregated information about their shoppers’ behaviour, target demographics with tailored offers, and view how many trees they are saving by not issuing paper receipts.

Ecological angle

The green aspect is obviously important to this publication, and NOUMI says any of its retailer partners will be able to download a shareable digital or social media ‘NOUMI Ecological Statement’, containing real-time information about the number of trees saved, CO2 saved, waste paper saved, and other measurements, as a result of switching away from paper to digital receipting in their business.

Digital receipts app goes live in Blackburn
NOUMI hopes millions of people will have download its digital receipts app by the end of 2024

Consumers looking to redeem their in-app vouchers and promotional offers have it scanned by till staff, before paying for their goods. They then scan a code on the NOUMI app to trigger the digital receipt.

Terry Knott, managing director of NOUMI, said: “The NOUMI app launch at the Esso EG Beehive store has caught the eye of local shoppers, and it will only be a matter of time before consumers across the UK are using NOUMI as a key shopping tool.

“We want more retailers to step up, partner with us, and start using the marketing tools at their disposal on the app to build sales and promotional activity that will, in turn, drive consumer downloads and provide incremental gains in revenue and margin for the retailer.”

He added: “Digital receipts represent one reason why consumers will keep returning to a store – especially as concern for the environment continues to grow. But in challenging economic times, NOUMI’s compelling offers on a range of goods will be the key driving force behind usage of the app and shoppers’ choice of retailer.”

Green Retail World is pleased to count NOUMI as a 2023 partner. You can read more about the company’s launch year in the following articles:

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[Image credits: Green Retail World]

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