Lidl unveils laundry detergent refill station

Refill and reuse: Lidl starts one-store laundry detergent refill station trial

Lidl GB has introduced a new laundry detergent refill station at its Kingswinford store, as it looks to gauge demand for packaging-free solutions that can help reduce its reliance on plastic.

Using tech company Algramo’s laundry detergent refill machine, the grocer is running a six-month trial to measure whether the service can be more widely rolled out across its estate in the future.

The machine dispenses three detergents, all manufactured by Lidl’s Formil own brand, and it enables customers to use the same container repeatedly, rather than acquiring new packaging every time they make a purchase. Using the refill machine also allows consumers to save 20p each time they refill, compared to buying the regular bottle from the shelf.

To kickstart the refill process, customers can pick up one of the specially designed refill bottles, which can be found next to the machine and cost less than £2.

Lidl said: “Our new automated refilling stations offer our customers a highly streamlined and intuitive approach to save single use plastic.

“This will never cost more than the single use product; it will be the same prices the first time but you will receive a ‘smart’ refillable Formil bottle and every time after that you will save 20p.”

Lidl confirmed the refill bottles are made using HDPE, which is a sturdy and durable plastic which will allow for the continued refill of laundry detergent. And the bottle is 100% recyclable, according to the supermarket chain.

Consumers are advised that once the in-store refill process is complete, they need to collect the ticket printed with the barcode for their product before taking it to the till.

Refill stations of varying kinds are cropping up in supermarkets across the UK, with Asda, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose among the larger companies trialling these facilities in a selection of their stores.

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[Image credit: Lidl GB]

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