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Beauty recycling: Space NK gets a Handle on packaging waste

Space NK has become the latest cosmetics company to launch a beauty recycling scheme – rolling out an initiative with the support of repurposing specialist Handle.

The luxury beauty company is encouraging consumers to head into its stores to pick up a Handle beauty recycling bag, which can be filled with empty packaging and dropped off at a bin in the shop ready for recycling.

Handle sorts, washes and shreds plastic materials from the beauty recycling scheme and turns them into new packaging for use by the industry. It also uses the materials to create a range of accessories, including hand mirrors and hairbrushes.

Space NK urges consumers to rinse out the packaging and remove paper labels where possible, but other than that the beauty recycling responsibility sits with Handle – a company that also works with Charlotte Tilbury on a separate moisturiser packaging recycling initiative.

For the Space NK scheme, Handle accepts all types of plastic bottles, pots and jars, including the lids, as well as aluminium packaging and glass containers.

In addition to working with Space NK and Charlotte Tilbury, Handle works alongside returns company Rebound and beauty communications agency SEEN Group to encourage industry influencers and media contacts to send back used packaging from any free samples, diverting it from landfill in the process.

Handle’s key goal is to intercept and stop empty beauty packaging from going to landfill. The material it receives is repurposed for the manufacturing of more beauty packaging or turned into its own collection of sustainable beauty accessories, which it is marketed as a hand-made product range using 100% recycled plastic.

Leading cosmetics brands across the UK are launching recycling schemes for their packaging, with Green Retail World recently exploring Lush’s Bring it Back initiative. You can watch the video here.

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[Image credit: Green Retail World/Garry Sillitoe]

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