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‘Recycle the Magic!’ Charlotte Tilbury incentivises customers to recycle moisturiser packaging

Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has unveiled a scheme to help its customers recycle moisturiser packaging and then replace it with a refillable alternative.

Encouraging consumers to ‘Recycle the Magic’, the retailer’s new initiative is focused on its ‘Magic’ moisturiser range.

Customers who send back the plastic container used to hold the moisturiser will receive 20% off a follow-on purchase of the same item but in refillable packaging.

“You can send your empty Magic Skin Trilogy plastic jars back to unlock a fabulous 20% off when you shop a new refillable glass magic moisturiser and refill on,” the brand announed on its website.

To recycle moisturiser packaging, consumers must opt in and fill their details in on the recycling portal operated by returns management provider Rebound. Once registered, they then send the empty container to Charlotte Tilbury’s recycling partner Handle.

Once Handle has received the item this then prompts a discount code to be sent to the customer – although this cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. Shoppers insert the code when shopping online and will receive the discounted Magic Skin Trilogy product in a glass container that is designed to be used over and over again.

Earlier this month, beauty communications agency SEEN Group launched a beauty products and packing recycling scheme for its influencer partners as part of a move to encourage greener behaviour within its sector.

The ‘SEEN Again’ initiative is also run in partnership with Rebound and Handle, and encourages influencers and media contacts to send back used packaging from any beauty brands, diverting it from landfill in the process.

Handle aims to intercept and stop empty beauty packaging from going to landfill. It says that the material it receives is repurposed for the manufacturing of more beauty packaging or turned into its own collection of sustainable beauty accessories, which it markets as hand-made from 100% recycled plastic.

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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