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Commercial electric vehicles: Ocado extends Bedeo-supported van fleet

Online grocer Ocado has extended its fleet of Bedeo-supported commercial electric vehicles, covering the west and south-west London area.

The digital supermarket first released 15 100% electric vans using technology from Bedeo to ensure electrification of on-board fridges, in 2019. By the end of 2021, there will be 32 all-electric Ocado vans on the road.

The fleet of commercial electric vehicles will operate from Ocado’s Park Royal depot, and the electric-powered vans can be distinguished from those that are not by the blueberry fruit panels attached to their design.

Many organisations, including those in retail, are looking for reliable commercial electric vehicles. Businesses such as shoe repair and key cutting retailer Timpson provide staff with electric vehicles as company cars, while Asda has promised to make its fleet of company cars all-electric over the next four years.

Bedeo founder & CEO, Osman Boyner, said: “We expect to see an acceleration in the adoption of commercial electric vehicles in the coming years.

“Ocado is a clear leader in its field and we are partnering alongside them as they tackle the crucial target of carbon footprint reduction. Not only does our technology offer an immediate and direct solution to improving the air quality of our cities, it also allows our customers to make reductions to their last mile delivery costs.”

“The adoption of our technology should therefore accelerate – this is how we will make a meaningful move towards a zero-emission environment.”

Bedeo also currently works with logistics companies DPD, DHL, and TNT/FedEx, as well as Turkish supermarket chain Migros.

Meanwhile, rapid grocery delivery service, Ocado Zoom, which is also part of the Ocado Retail group, has trialled electric assisted vehicles (EAV) this year.

From its hub in Acton, west London, the company tested electric refrigerated vans, refrigerated electric assisted vehicles, and pedal-powered cargo bikes as part of its experiments with using commercial electric vehicles.

[Image credit: Ocado Retail]

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