Arla launches pollinators scheme

Taking the Bee Road: Morrisons and Homebase join Arla pollinators project

Farmer-owned dairy co-operative Arla has launched a nationwide pollinators project campaign to encourage Britons to aid the UK’s bee population.

Grocer Morrisons and DIY retail chain Homebase are also getting behind the Arla initiative, which calls on people to offer up a small part of the garden as a safe place for bees to refuel and rest.

The so-called ‘Bee Road’ campaign aims to support the vital role pollinators play in the food system, with Arla saying without them a third of the food we enjoy each day would be in peril.

Arla farmers have given over parts of their land to grow special seed mixes for pollinators, but the campaign has been launched to encourage others do the same and to put up ‘bee hotels’ in their gardens and outside space.

Arla will give away 100,000 packs of specially selected, pollinator-friendly seeds, creating special ‘how to’ guides and colouring kits to inspire children to get involved. The kits can be downloaded from the Bee Road online hub.

Alice Swift, agriculture director at Arla, said: “Alongside our farmers, and retail partners Morrisons and Homebase, there will be plenty of inspiration and cooperative spirit for everyone to get involved and do their bit.”

Dave Elliott, commercial director at Homebase, commented: “From helpful hints, tips and eco-friendly products in-store to advice guides on our website and social media channels, we’re here to make it easier for our customers to boost biodiversity.”

Sophie Throup, agriculture manager at Morrisons, added: “Looking after our farmed and natural environment is important for us and our customers.

“Our bees play a vital role in pollinating our crops and we want to work with our farmers to look after them.”

Buglife, an organisation devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates, is also supporting the pollinators scheme.

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[Image credit: Arla]

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