Bodo and Packfleet are working together to provide more sustainable home delivery options

Greener last mile: Packfleet and Bodo team up for more sustainable home delivery

A new partnership between same-day delivery service provider Bodo and all-electric courier Packfleet is aiming to provide more sustainable home delivery services across London.

B Corp Bodo has a portfolio of more than 50 brands, including small-to-medium sized enterprises such as Suri, Coat, Trip CBD, HeyHarper, PeachyDen, and FreeSoul, while fellow B Corp, Packfleet, has a list of partners such as fashion retailer Oh Polly and rental platform Hurr.

Both companies are focused on supporting more sustainable home delivery in the UK, with Packfleet committing to non-fossil fuel transportation and Bodo’s preference being to work with fellow B Corps and those with an interest in running more ethical supply chains. It also powers its central London warehouses with solar energy and promises to use planet-friendly packaging across its services.

With Packfleet now facilitating deliveries for Bodo customers within the M25, the collaboration is making more sustainable home delivery more accessible for a greater number of London-based brands.

As well as a focus on supporting a greener last mile, both companies are built by people who have extensive experience in the technology sector. Bodo co-founder, Jack Green, used to work for Deliveroo, while Packfleet co-founder, Tristan Thomas, is ex-Monzo.

“Partnering with Packfleet, a market-leading sustainable courier, furthers our progress in decarbonising the e-commerce supply chain,” explained Green, who co-founded Bodo with Brandon Neman in 2019.

“Packfleet is helping us disband this idea that speed and convenience should come at an environmental cost.”

Thomas added: “With our 100% electric fleet, combined with Bodo’s eco-friendly warehouses and packaging, we’re providing a carbon-neutral end-to-end delivery experience to some of London’s most exciting brands.”

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[Image credit: Bodo and Packfleet]

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