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30 by 30: Ella’s Kitchen and RSPB detail nature restoration partnership

Kids’ food and B Corp brand Ella’s Kitchen and the wildlife charity, RSPB, have announced a nature restoration partnership.

The partnership aims to protect and restore 30 million sq ft of meadows and grassland across RSPB reserves by 2030, and has been given the project title ’30 by 30’.

A pipeline of nature restoration projects has been put in place running from 2023-2030 in the name of protecting the homes of birds, bees, and bugs.

According to the RSPB, the wildflower meadows and grasslands in focus for the partnership “are vitally important habitats for all sorts of wildlife”.

“We’re talking butterflies that flit between wildflowers to the hum of bees foraging for pollen in the sunshine,” the charity says on its website.

“Green woodpeckers chatter as they hunt for ants, and skylarks sing in the sky above. As dusk falls, moths emerge, attracted to the evening perfume of flowers, and if you’re lucky you may even spot a silent barn owl as it glides across the meadow.”

However, it adds that these habitats are rare – reporting that 97% of UK wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s.

The aim is to “regenerate the right plants in the right places to have maximum positive impact for bees, bugs and butterflies”, it continues.

The nature restoration project with Ella’s Kitchen will involve a mixture of seed sowing, plug planting, and allowing natural regeneration. The work will help convert land across the UK into meadows and grasslands that are “alive with colour”, the charity explains.

In addition, the nature restoration will focus on the RSPB’s existing wildflower meadows, which will involve planting, removing invasive species and grazing or cutting, “to ensure they remain biodiverse and continue to flourish year after year”.

The reserves Ella’s Kitchen is supporting are, the following:

  • Blacktoft Sands in Lincolnshire
  • Dolydd Llyn in North Wales
  • Dove Stone in Lancashire
  • Haweswater in Cumbria
  • Loch Lomond in West Dunbartonshire
  • Medmerry in West Sussex
  • Otmoor in Oxford
  • Tiree in the Hebrides
  • And one other, which contains such rare species, the location is top secret!

Ella’s Kitchen is also supporting the cause by encouraging its customers to crerate their own wildflower meadows and grow wildlife-friendly flowers, by sharing relevant information across its customer channels.

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