Dunelm says it has invested in more responsible transportation

‘More responsible transportation’: Dunelm invests in 10 new delivery vehicles

Furniture and homeware retailer Dunelm has invested in ten new delivery vehicles that it says represent a move towards “more responsible transportation”.

The retailer said it will “significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its transport fleet and the business as a whole” through the addition of nine tractor units powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and one electric vehicle that will support store deliveries.

Dunelm said more than 50% of its Scope 1 carbon emissions are attributable to the home delivery network fleet, making it a key area of focus as part of its green agenda.

CNG – or BIO-CNG to give the gas its full label – is a renewable energy source derived from the decomposition of food and animal waste, which makes it a renewable fuel option. The nine new vehicles that run on BIO-CNG will emit approximately 85% fewer emissions when compared to traditional fossil fuel diesel alternatives, according to Dunelm which said they bring the “added bonus” of being quieter, therefore reducing noise pollution.

As part of its push towards more responsible transportation, Dunelm has secured a lease on a 100% electric Volvo tractor unit, which it says is one of only a few in the UK. This electric vehicle is set to be stationed at the retailer’s Stoke 2 distribution centre – where it will be charged – and used for store deliveries.

Dunelm is currently looking to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 against a 2019 baseline.

Head of climate change at Dunelm, Christina Downend, said: “At Dunelm, we are committed to implementing new sustainable initiatives and reducing our environmental impact.

“This investment in low-carbon vehicles showcases our dedication to providing less impactful and more responsible transportation solutions for our home delivery network and provides a significant step towards reducing our own operations carbon emissions by 50%.”

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