Fashion transparency and supply chain mapping is key for Reiss

Fashion transparency: Reiss secures Segura supply chain mapping partnership

Fashion transparency and supply chain mapping is the name of the game for UK retailer Reiss, after launching a partnership with software company Segura this week.

Segura announced today (21 June) that it will assist Reiss “to achieve greater transparency and compliance across their global supply chain through automatic supplier onboarding, multi-tier capture, mapping and reporting”.

It is part of Reiss’s commitment to “the constant development of the ethical and sustainable management of their operations”, according to Segura, which already works with River Island, Pentland Brands, and Whistles in a similar manner.

Segura’s platform allows retailers and brands to collect and validate data on supply chain partners in one place. It offers retailers a chance to map their entire supply chains and reporting, enabling them to keep a clear picture of who their suppliers are and where they are sourcing materials from.

As we cover in this week’s blog, end-to-end fashion transparency is going to be increasingly important for retailers in the coming months as new legislation arrives dictating that businesses must demonstrate environmental credentials across all tiers of their supply chains.

Segura said it initially met Reiss in 2022 to discuss a “one-stop solution that would allow them to gain visibility of their supply chain from the first tier to raw material”. Reiss previously worked with the software company through an existing supplier which had been asked to provide transparency and an audit trail of its label production.

Now, Reiss has commissioned Segura to provide traceability of the company’s wider supplier chain to validate suppliers, ensure it is compliant with evolving legislation, and substantiate claims for its internal environmental, social and governance initiatives and reporting.

As well as conducting this fashion transparency work, Reiss is a partner of Better Cotton which aims to improve cotton farming globally and a member of the Leather Working Group, which is dedicated to driving excellence in the leather industry.

Patrick Wall, CEO at Segura, commented: “We are very pleased to be working with a company committed to promoting awareness of environmental management and leadership throughout their business.

“Reiss is continually developing their sustainability strategy and Segura is well-placed to help them create an ethical and transparent multi-tier supply chain. Retailers are under increased pressure to comply with developing legislation and the Segura platform will enable Reiss to access real-time supplier information throughout their purchasing and delivery process.”

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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