Kingfisher Group CEO calls for Scope 3 collaboration

Come together: Kingfisher CEO invites home and DIY retailers to join Scope 3 taskforce

Kingfisher Group CEO, Thierry Garnier, is calling on home and DIY retailers from around the world to join forces to tackle and reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions.

As the new president of EDRA/GHIN, the global trade bodies for the home improvement sector, Garnier described reducing emissions when products are made as retail’s “biggest challenge” but also highlighted the opportunities for the sector by moving in this direction.

“Many of the products we sell help customers afford to create better homes that are more resource efficient, using less energy and water,” he explained, echoing a strategic move his business has made in terms of addressing Scope 3 emissions.

Garnier was appointed president of EDRA/GHIN on 1 March, and he was talking as the trade bodies announced a new taskforce aimed at driving forward industry efforts in reducing carbon emissions across the DIY sector supply chain. Scope 3 emissions are estimated to take up about 90% of a retailer’s overall emissions, and it is an area that is out of their control unless more collaborative and strategic work can take place.

Founding members of the new taskforce include Adeo, Bunnings, Cainz, The Home Depot, Hornbach, Kesko, Kingfisher, OBI, and Sodimac.

The EDRA/GHIN Scope 3 taskforce will aim to agree more consistent methodologies in how carbon data is treated through the supply chain, while also encouraging the sharing of best practices in the form of the reporting and positive work in this space. What is learnt will be shared with a wider EDRA/GHIN member base.

There will be a focus on suppliers and encouraging innovation at manufacturing level in order to work towards a more circular and carbon efficient economy.

“While a number of EDRA/GHIN members have been working on measuring and addressing their Scope 3 impacts in their own businesses, it is a highly complex area with many shared challenges,” Garnier added.

“By coming together, hopefully we can find more consistent, simpler ways to drive down our emissions. I invite home improvement retailers from around the world to join us in this new taskforce.”

John Herbert, general secretary of EDRA/GHIN, remarked: “Climate change is a threat none of us can afford to ignore.

“For home improvement retailers, this is a positive move where we can help them find ways to come together to address one of the fundamental environmental issues for our planet, while developing their business.”

EDRA/GHIN membership spans 224 retail companies across 78 countries.

[Image credit: Kingfisher Group]

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