Brighton is the location for a Just Eat carbon labelling trial

Carbon labelling: Just Eat launches 12-week My Emissions trial in Brighton

Takeaway food marketplace Just Eat has launched a 12-week carbon labelling trial in the Brighton area alongside carbon footprint measurement firm, My Emissions.

The aim is to support consumers and restaurants on the Just Eat platform to better understand the environmental impact of their food and takeaway choices.

Five restaurants are signed up for the trial, and they will display a ‘traffic light’ carbon rating next to main meals. The ratings take into account the farming, production, transport, and packaging of the dishes.

My Emissions’ carbon labelling follows a traffic light system, with A, in green, deemed the lowest footprint possible, and E, in red, the largest carbon footprint. The scores will accompany the participating restaurants’ listings on Just Eat.

The restaurants taking part are Smoque Burgers’ outlets in Hove and Brighton, No Catch, Fat Pizza, Fat Burger and Dessert, and – in due course – Brewdog. Fat Pizza is expanding the trial to its restaurants across the UK, not just in Brighton.

Carbon labelling isn’t only used by customers in the purchasing decision process. Businesses, such as Just Eat, can use it to gather insights about their menu. Using the My Emissions report, they can gain a picture of where most greenhouse emissions are coming from and amend their supply chain, processes, or ingredients accordingly.

Jaz Rabadia, head of responsible business & sustainability at Just Eat, commented: “We are com­mit­ted to building a more sustainable future for the food delivery industry.

“This trial, with the support of our restaurant partners, aims to empower and educate our consumers on the impact food choices can have on our planet.”

Earlier this year, organic food delivery provider Abel and Cole announced it was introducing eco labels on its fruit and vegetables to highlight the carbon and nature impact of its supply chain.

Snacks and drinks retailer Benugo updated its coffee menus in 2021 to show the carbon footprint of each hot drink, so consumers can make their selection with more understanding about eco impact.

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