Coffee carbon footprint on Benugo menus

Carbon footprint on the menu: Benugo highlights eco impact of its drinks

Coffee chain Benugo has put carbon footprint information on its drinks menu, so customers can choose their hot beverage with more knowledge about its environmental impact.

Benugo has worked with traceability business ClimatePartner to develop illustrated menus showing the carbon footprint of the most impactful hot drinks, saying the move allows its consumers to “make an informed choice, and swap for a less impactful cup should you wish to”.

The hospitality business said it has calculated the whole product carbon footprint – from the raw ingredients and their transport right up to the milks it adds, the grinding itself and the takeaway cup.

Benugo said in a statement on LinkedIn: “We will offset all carbon emissions through verified carbon avoidance, reduction and removal projects.

“But offsetting isn’t the whole solution: we’ve made real efforts to decarbonise our supply chain, going one step further than carbon neutrality.”

ClimatePartner works with companies from all sectors to help them establish their carbon footprint or put strategies in place to reduce the negative environmental impact they have on the world around them.

Another retailer it is working alongside is online fashion business, Mytheresa, with ClimatePartner supporting the luxury organisation’s carbon neutrality ambitions.

ClimatePartner conducted a carbon footprint analysis as a baseline for Mytheresa, built on carbon data from the last fiscal year, and will continue to support the e-tailer with its future measures to maintain a carbon neutral status.

Michael Kliger, CEO of Mytheresa, said: “Climate change is a big challenge, perhaps one of the biggest of our time.

“We are fully committed to our corporate responsibility to improve our environmental impact as a global business and to become a more sustainable digital platform. The luxury fashion industry is responding to its environmental duties, and as a leading player we want to grow our business in the most sustainable way.”

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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