Halfords starts selling second-hand bikes for kids online

‘Save money, reduce waste’: Halfords wheels out second-hand bikes for kids online

Second-hand bikes for kids are now available to buy online from Halfords, after the retailer extended its pre-loved ‘Xchange’ offering this week.

Previously only available to buy in stores, the second-hand bikes for kids can now be purchased digitally for in-person collection. Halfords is selling the concept with the tagline “save money and reduce waste”, describing its range of second-hand items as “pre-pedalled bikes” as well providing a 12-month warranty on all the second-hand bikes for kids.

Halfords announced plans to delve into the second-hand bikes market in 2022, with CEO Graham Stapleton citing at the time high demand in the UK for bikes, supply chain constraints, and the cost-of-living crisis as motivation for tapping into the market for preloved bikes.

Since last year, the retailer has been offering customers the chance to trade in their old Halfords bike for a gift card worth up to £1,000. Second-hand bikes are repaired where it is required, tested, and put back on sale at prices up to 50% lower than the price of brand new models.

Until now, only second-hand e-bikes have been available to buy online, but Halfords is looking at adding other pre-loved adult bikes to its web range in the months ahead.

Halfords said that if its specialists cannot fix a bike, they send it to the retailer’s charity partners that can repair it and donate it to African communities. If a bike is completely unrepairable, it will be sent to Halfords’ partner Re-cycle where the valuable materials can be recovered.

A spokesperson from Halfords told Green Retail World: “Our Bike Xchange initiative presents a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage more sustainable consumption, whilst also making cycling more accessible to a wider audience.

“By extending the life of existing bikes through our restoration programme, and offering affordable second-hand options, we’re making it easier for people to choose cycling as a more sustainable mode of transport.”

[Image credit: Halfords]

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