Ben Sillitoe

Video: Asda, musicMagpie, and sending preloved items via ‘SmartDrop’

Green Retail World’s latest ‘in the field’ trip resulted in editor, Ben Sillitoe, testing out how straightforward it is to send unwanted electricals to musicMagpie in return for cash.

All part of the re-commerce economy, musicMagpie buys pre-loved electricals, such as smartphones, from consumers. It then makes the necessary repairs, processes the items, and puts them back on the market for sale. Thanks to a partnership with Asda, consumers can register their item and then drop it off in the retailer’s stores via a network of ‘SmartDrop’ kiosks.

Check out this short video to hear our editor’s thoughts on the experience, and to see what the collection process entails.

Spoiler: it was his first attempt at doing this and it did not end up being the smoothest process.

[Image credit: Green Retail World/YouTube]

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