The Uk's largest retailer Tesco reaches 500 electric van landmark

Charge for charging: Tariffs added to Tesco EV charging network

Fees are being added to the Tesco EV charging network which is available in the retailer’s store car parks across the UK.

Electric vehicle drivers will now have to pay one of three tariffs based on their power requirements when using Tesco’s properties to charge their cars and vans.

Pod Point and Volkswagen are behind the Tesco EV charging network, which is plugged in at 528 of the grocer’s stores at present – but one of the selling points to consumers up until now has been the free-of-charge service.

Talking in April 2021, Tony Hoggett, who at the time was chief operating officer at Tesco, but has since joined Amazon, said encouraging consumers to use electric vehicles and charge them at Tesco was part of the retailer’s target to become carbon neutral by 2035.

“Providing customers with charging points offers them a sustainable choice and giving them the opportunity to charge their car for free while they shop is a little help to make this easier,” he said.

The new tariffs, which will come into play on Tuesday 1 November, are 28p/kWh for 7kW power rating, 40p/kWh for 22kW, and 50p/kWh for 50kW.

A Tesco spokesperson told Green Retail World: “We’ve provided more than 86 million miles worth of free charging for customers to date, and our new great value tariffs will build on this with some of the most competitive rates in the market.

“These changes will improve access to chargers for all our customers, and enable continued investment in our charging network across the UK.”

Meanwhile, Pod Point suggested that it is currently on track to hit its Tesco EV charging targets, and expects to be present at 600 stores by the end of spring 2023.

The tariffs on what was one of the biggest free sources of e-charging for UK drivers come as electricity prices have risen dramatically in 2022 as part of the worst cost of living crisis the country has experienced in generations.

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[Image credit: Tesco]

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