Kellogg's Corn Flakes are coming in recyclable paper

Packaging trial: Kellogg’s starts using recyclable paper liners in cereal boxes

Kellogg’s has announced that recyclable paper will replace the plastic inner liner in some of its cereal boxes as part of a greener retailing trial with the UK’s largest grocer, Tesco.

The results of the recyclable paper trial will support the brand’s future cereal packaging plans, and the move contributes to the company’s commitment to ensure all its packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.

In the Tesco trial, which will begin in January 2022, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal packaging will become paper-based. Kellogg’s said “a small number of stores” will be used for the testing.

The plastic inner liner in cereal boxes is not currently widely accepted in kerbside recycling, although some specialist businesses can recycle this material.

Packaging technologists at Kellogg’s have created new recyclable paper lining that they say can survive the process of filling and sealing, whereby millions of bags in boxes of cereal are produced annually in its factory and transported to retailers.

The outer recycled card packaging of the company’s cereals boxes are fully recyclable, and have been for many years, according to Kellogg’s.

Chris Silcock, Kellogg UK & Ireland managing director, said consumers want to the option to be able to recycle more.

“This important trial of fully paper cereal packaging ensures we have explored all our options,” he added.

“Ultimately, we would prefer plastic liners to be accepted in home recycling as our data tells us that they are better for the planet over the full lifecycle of the packaging, but this trial ensures we have an alternative.”

Tesco grocery director, David Beardmore, commented: “We are committed to working with our suppliers to remove, reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, particularly plastic.

“It’s great to see that Kellogg is trialling a paper cereal bag in our stores – our customers will be pleased that they can easily recycle the bag at home. We call on suppliers to test and roll out actions like this; using as little material as possible and making sure that necessary packaging is easy to recycle.”

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[Image credit: Kellogg’s]

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