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‘Preloved. Reloved.’: Fat Face and Thrift+ unveil online second-hand store

Fashion retailer Fat Face and Thrift+ have extended their recently announced partnership and launched an online second-hand store called ‘Preloved. Reloved.’.

It represents the first Thrift+-supported individual retailer website, and gives consumers the option of shopping for second-hand Fat Face clothes starting from £10. And it builds on the clothing take-back service Fat Face launched with Thrift+ just last month.

Many of the Fat Face-branded goods donated via the take-back initiative will be listed on the Preloved. Reloved. website.

Fat Face and Thrift+ working together is part of the retailer’s increasing focus on environmental matters, and its continued efforts to become a greener business. For example, in addition to ramping up second-hand sales, the retailer has partnered with conservation charities and is pledging to stop its products ending up in landfill.

Liam Price, head of eCommerce at Fat Face, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Thrift+ on supercharging our sustainability efforts with the addition of the preloved store, complimenting the great work already being done across the brand.”

Thrift+ CEO Joe Metcalfe added: “From our first meeting with FatFace, it was clear how committed they are to reducing their environmental footprint.

“It’s really exciting to see such a household name make bold moves towards making fashion more circular – both taking responsibility for clothes at the end of their first life, and creating the preloved store, which brings second-hand clothes shopping to the mainstream.”

Thrift+ expects to announce the launch of several more second-hand stores in the coming months.

“Collaborating with retail partners is at the heart of Thrift+’s approach, and offering a re-sale as well as takeback service is an important step on our path towards powering the circular economy for fashion,” Metcalfe explained.

“Circularity in fashion is just beginning, but the rate of change is accelerating.”

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