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Future employment: Sustainability jobs on Open University ‘hotlist’

Sustainability jobs are high up on The Open University’s ten ‘hottest jobs’ list, released this month.

Renewables engineer and sustainability officer were the sustainability jobs included in the top ten – deemed as roles people should upskill in because they are expected to play a key role in the UK’s future economy.

The Open University compiled the list via social media listening, which involved scanning 50,000 online mentions across the likes of LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and analysing conversations between industry influencers and experts.

The top jobs long-list for the future that people can upskill in now was, as follows:

  • Renewables engineer
  • Machine learning expert
  • Cyber security penetration tester
  • Blockchain expert
  • AI developer
  • Sustainability officer
  • AI analytics engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data protection officer
  • Digital content strategist

The Open University has formed a panel of entrepreneurs and famous faces from the world of business and sport as part of a campaign to highlight the future employment needs in the UK, and spotlight the types of job that will be crucial.

From the long-list, the top five future jobs the panel believe will have the greatest need in plugging the skills gap are, as follows:

  • Sustainability officer
  • AI developer
  • Digital content strategist
  • Cyber security penetration expert
  • Renewables engineer

With two sustainability jobs in the top five, the expectation is that roles related to the environment will continue to rise in importance.

The Open University said it hoped the final shortlist will “help unleash ambition and give direction to people across the UK in shaping their own ambitions through continued learning”, as well as generating job opportunities.

Entrepreneurs including ex-British Lions captain turned digital guru Sam Warburton, and global supermodel and sustainability campaigner, Eunice Olumide, are part of the panel.

Simon Tindall, head of skills & innovation at The Open University, said: “The jobs of the near future start today and it’s easier to make the change than you think with flexible learning packages that can rapidly provide not just the skills you need but also instil confidence to peruse your goals.”

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