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‘Green Friday’: Eco response to Black Friday gains momentum

Multiple retailers and brands are participating in what has been labelled ‘Green Friday’, this year.

In response to the splurge in consumerism at the end of November, following the globalisation of the once US-based post-Thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’ event, companies such as footwear brand Allbirds, furniture retailer Sofology, and children’s food business Ella’s Kitchen are making a green stand.

This time of year typically sees retailers offer goods at knockdown prices to drive revenue. Black Friday stretched from one-day of markdowns to a full ‘Cyber Weekend’ of deals a few years back, and it has now morphed into a month-long sales event on both sides of the Atlantic.

The injection of revenue at this time of year is important for retailers after a challenging 2020, where the coronavirus pandemic has caused huge stress to the industry. But some retailers want to use this time, when shoppers are focused on getting a deal, to raise awareness of environmental matters.

Allbirds said it will increase all its prices by $1 on Black Friday, and any sales it makes will result in the additional proceeds going directly to Fridays For Future, an international climate movement founded by activist, Greta Thunberg.

Meanwhile, Sofology is providing further eco incentives for consumers to use its SofaRescue service. Everyone who buys a new sofa from the company has the chance to choose SofaRescue – a partnership between Sofology and Clearabee that picks up unwanted furniture from a customer’s home and disposes of it responsibly.

From 23 November to 3 December, for every one person who uses SofaRescue, Sofology will commit to planting a further 100 trees as part of its reforestation initiative with the Woodland Trust instead of reducing prices on its products.

And at Ella’s Kitchen, all profits from its online sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (27-30 November) will be donated to Trees for Life, a UK charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands, according to the brand.

Ikea has this week launched its new furniture return service, where it will buy back unwanted products from customers to stop it entering landfill. The retailer wanted to launch the service at this time of year to contrast with Black Friday and raise awareness of the effects of excessive consumerism.

Plenty of other brands are joining the Green Friday movement. Please get in touch with Green Retail World and let us now what you are planning.

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