Spar is working with Whywaste to use tech to reduce food waste

Tech to prevent food waste: Spar International extends Whywaste partnership

Spar International is using tech to prevent food waste, and it is extending its partnership with Whywaste to help it achieve its goals in this space.

This week, tech provider Whywaste announced an expansion of its partnership with the retailer to use its ‘Smart Markdowns’ tool which uses real-time data and artificial intelligence power to dynamically adjust prices on products nearing their expiration date.

The aim is to use tech to prevent food waste but also to better manage discounting and ensure consumers have valuable deals to purchase in store.

These two companies have been working together since September 2022, with the original agreement laying a foundation for the management of food waste in Spar International’s operations.

By leveraging the digital date checking solution on Whywaste, the retailer has initially been minimising food wastage as part of everyday operations.

Kristoffer Hagstedt, CEO at Whywaste, said: “We are thrilled to take our partnership with Spar International to the next level.

“This step embodies our collective vision of combating food waste while enhancing customer experiences.”

The retailer views the technology as a way that can help it meet its own food waste goals. It comes at a time in the UK when the government has opted to scrap plans for mandatory food waste reporting, but the retailers Green Retail World has spoken to suggest the industry is keen to carry on reporting for the good of the environment and their own operations regardless of government-led direction.

Tom Rose, head of operations at Spar International, commented: “We are confident that technology is beneficial to drive positive food waste reduction.

“Our collaboration with Whywaste demonstrates how innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. The inclusion of Smart Markdowns is another tool that supports Spar country organisations with their operational efficiency.”

Whywaste, which is based in Sweden but operates internationally, also works with Tesco-owned One Stop in the UK.

[Image credit: Spar International]

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