Ikea Milton Keynes is running a car-boot sale

Pre-loved promotion: Ikea Milton Keynes store trials car-boot sale

Ikea Milton Keynes has announced it will run a car-boot sale in its car park on 2-3 September.

The move is part of the furniture retailer’s efforts to promote circularity and the pre-loved movement, which are viewed as ways for retailers and consumers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Between 9am and noon, the retailer is encouraging consumers to visit Ikea Milton Keynes “to sell, buy, explore and keep good things going”. Sellers must be pre-approved by Ikea, and no traders or businesses are permitted – it is strictly a consumer event.

The aim – like any typical car-boot sale – is for people to sell on what they no longer need therefore keeping the products in circulation and used by someone else rather than ending up in landfill.

David Manser, store manager at Ikea Milton Keynes, said: “We’re excited to be hosting the first event of its kind for Ikea and are proud to be getting the local community together to sell, buy, explore and keep good things going.

“We want to make the passing on of pre-loved items as easy and enjoyable as possible, and by providing the opportunity for people to resell the items they no longer need, brings benefits to the community, the environment and wallets. If you have recently had a clear-out, are looking to refresh your home, or are simply looking for something fun to do, why not come along this weekend and play your part in the sustainable loop.”

Earlier this year, Ikea put circular practices and prolonging the life of products at the centre of consumer campaign under the slogan, “Keep good things going”. The marketing highlighted Ikea’s buy-back scheme, which gives customers the chance to sell back used and no-longer-wanted Ikea goods to the retailer, and its in-store circular hubs, which allow shoppers to purchase second-hand items for a reduced price.

[Image credit: CPG Photography on behalf of Ikea]

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