Lush is encouraging consumers to conduct litter picks across the globe

‘Trash Dash’: Lush launches website for consumers to log their litter picks

UK-based cosmetics retailer Lush has unveiled a website that allows consumers to log their own litter picks around the globe.

The Trash Dash initiative is part of co-founder Rowena Bird’s 60th birthday wish for society to pick up 60 tonnes of rubbish and help clean up streets, rivers, parks and beaches.

Running under the retailer’s mantra to “Leave The World Lusher Than We Found It”, the campaign is being promoted in Lush shops as the business looks to continue sparking community activism in the battle against climate change and environmental damage.

Aside from the personal aim of Bird’s, the idea of the scheme is to prevent further ocean plastic waste, which is calculated to currently sit ay 5.25 trillion tonnes.

As Green Retail World discovered during a two-day trip to Lush headquarters earlier this year, the retailer continues to champion solid products that require no plastic packaging. But where it does sell goods in plastic bottles and containers, it offers several different ways for consumers to return the material for recycling once it has been used.

Lush’s 60-tonne litter picking target currently stands at 39 tonnes, after the business began its efforts to encourage consumers to pick up waste in 2018. Lush in Malaysia has been involved in the scheme from day one.

Customers can take part and find out about local activations happening throughout July 2023 – coinciding with the annual Plastic Free July campaign – by contacting their local Lush shop.

Ruth Andrade, Lush’s earthcare strategy lead, said of the litter picking initiative: “I know this is just a small thing we can do, but it is one thing we CAN do.”

She wrote on LinkedIn: “When you’re out and about this summer, pick up some trash, get the kids to do the same and log on our global log to help us reach our 60 tonnes goal. And don’t stop there.”

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