Resale, rental, and repair are key ways Selfridges wants to build a more circular fashion and wider consumer economy

‘Worn Again’: Selfridges unveils new season for circular fashion concepts

Retailers have for a long time run their spring/summer and autumn/winter campaigns – now Selfridges has launched a ‘circular’ fashion season to support its drive to influence more sustainable consumption habits.

Dubbed ‘Worn Again’, the season of second-hand shopping, swapping, repairing, upcycling, and trading has been unveiled to raise awareness of the department store group’s range of more circular fashion propositions – and inspire greener thinking among consumers.

Selfridges has set an ambitious target of ensuring 45% of transactions through its tills come from what it deems to be circular products and services by 2030. It has developed its own ‘Reselfridges’ ecosystem, which features pre-loved items, products for rental and the opportunity for customers to more easily repair items they already own, and this has now been shaped into a whole new seasonal campaign.

Instead of the typical offering of newness associated with a retailer’s season starting, Selfridges has devised an eco-focused programme that explores different ways to keep products in circulation for longer. According to the retailer, Worn Again will not dumb down the “pleasure, reciprocity and fun of shopping”, but it will highlight the “desirability” of second-hand and circular fashion products.

Selfridges in London, Manchester, and Birmingham – as well – will be promoting and running various Worn Again-related events and collections from now and throughout the summer.

These include an exclusive Marine Serre atelier concept and a second-hand fashion and lifestyle destination ‘The Edit by Reselfridges’, as well as a new sub brand from Coach focused on circular craft, called Coachtopia.

Last week Coach announced Coachtopia as its new circular fashion offering which comes to market with fewer new materials used in the manufacturing of items and products crafted from waste. They have been designed to be reimagined, remade, and recycled “to live multiple lives” – emphasising the benefits of longevity over throwaway fashion.

Selfridges will host a Coachtopia pop-up that will allow consumers to learn about the brand’s vision for the future of fashion and give them access to 18 bags that are not available anywhere else in the UK.

There are also multiple rental, repair, and new thinking events throughout the spring and summer months.

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