Cubitts becomes a B Corp company

B Corp Month: Spectacle maker Cubitts becomes a B Corp company

UK spectacle maker and retailer, Cubitts, has announced its certification as a B Corp company.

The accreditation highlights the business’s progression towards greater accountability and transparency in the eyewear sector. As with any B Corp company certification, Cubitts undertook a rigorous analysis of its operations including governance, how it treats workers, its community-mindedness, and its actions towards the environment and customers.

As a B Corp company, Cubitts has become part of a global community of 6,279 certified businesses – with more than 1,000 of those based in the UK.

Cubitts, which was founded ten years ago, offers its customers a range of circular initiatives such as ‘Frame Rehab’ for spectacle repairs, and ‘Anew’, a donation service where its customers’ old Cubitts spectacles can be returned to shelves after deep cleaning with all profit donated to the London Wildlife Trust.

The B Corp company also provides a ‘Redux’ range, where frames are made entirely from recycled offcuts.

Some of Cubitts’ other commitments include reducing its water usage in 2023 by 99%, and working towards 90% of its glazing work being conducted in Cubitts’ HQ using MEI Bisphera machinery, which is considerably less water usage intensive than its previous processes.

Being March, Cubitts’ announcement comes in B Corp Month, which is marked every year by a #WeGoBeyond campaign that showcases what B Corps are doing and the benefits of a business-for-good approach.

Tom Broughton, founder of Cubitts, commented: “B Corp certification is one point on our journey to become a progressive, inclusive and sustainable business.

“It’s a great achievement, but it is only the start. We have a range of goals around being a better business, and being B Corp certified is a great framework within which to achieve them.”

Chris Turner, executive director of B Lab UK, which certified the B Corp company, added: “Business is a powerful force and B Corps demonstrate that you can do good in any sector.

“Welcoming Cubitts is an exciting moment because they have an opportunity to lead the way within the eyewear industry. We and the rest of the B Corp community are really pleased to support Cubitts in paving the way for a new way of doing things”.

Cubitts said it is setting further targets across the next three years for recertification in 2026.

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[Image credit: George Baxter for Cubitts]

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