LinkedIn Jobs says sustainability manager is one of the fastest growing job titles in the UK

LinkedIn Jobs: Sustainability manager is second fastest growing job title in UK

The sustainability manager looks set to be one of the defining job titles in the coming years, with LinkedIn Jobs’ annual research suggesting it is the second fastest-growing role in the UK.

In 2022, sustainability manager ranked in seventh place, highlighting the growing focus businesses of all sectors are placing on this job role.

Related titles include director of sustainability, environmental policy manager, director of environment, energy & safety, and social & environmental sustainability manager. But LinkedIn Jobs defines the sustainability manager specifically as someone who collects and analyses data on the environmental impact of a project or business in order to drive effective strategies in this space.

According to the research, the most common skills associated with the job are sustainability reporting, sustainable development, and corporate sustainability.

Although retail is not referenced as one of the most common industries looking for this job role, Green Retail World has reported several retailers appointing people to specifically oversee sustainability matters in the last 12 months.

AS Watson has an established sustainability manager for overseeing greener retailing at Superdrug, Savers, and The Perfume Shop, while garden centre group Notcutts has recently appointed this role. There are plenty other examples, as focus on greener retailing continues, including Gurpreet Bagri, who was named sustainability & compliance manager at Mamas & Papas last year.

LinkedIn Jobs says professional services, construction, and manufacturing are the most common industries in the market for a sustainability manager.

The current gender distribution for the role, LinkedIn Jobs says, is 57% female and 43% male. Median years of prior experience to take on job is reported as 4.7.

Customer success consultant was the top job in this year’s rankings, taking the place of customs officer which topped the table in 2022.

According to the research, customer success consultants “work with customers of a product or service to ensure their experience is the best it can be, and improve processes in a company in order to build up lasting customer relationships”.

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