Zalando's Sustainability Award winner was named at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week: STAMM wins Zalando Sustainability Award

Denmark-based company STAMM has won the Zalando Sustainability Award, which was announced at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Judges said the business demonstrated “impressive craftsmanship as well as deep understanding and execution of more sustainable practices” in its autumn/winter 2023 collection.

Every year the Zalando Sustainability Award celebrates and supports brands that its judges deem drive positive change and contribute to a more responsible fashion industry, with the winner announced annually at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

STAMM’s use of more sustainable materials, including recycled down in puffer jackets and its deployment of Indian Khadi, a heritage textile made with organic hand-spun cotton.

The winning company beat fellow shortlisted nominees, Ukrainian brand TG Botanical and Sweden-based Selam Fessahaye, to the title. This year’s judges were, as follows: Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week; Laura Coppen, head of circularity at Zalando; Lena Sophie Röper, director of designer & luxury at Zalando; Dio Kurazawa, sustainability & brand adviser; and Emily Chan, sustainability editor at Vogue.

STAMM creative director Elisabet Stamm said: “Being selected as the winner of Zalando Sustainability Award is both magical and motivating.

“It is a celebration of a young brand that is driven by innovation, diversity and aesthetic expression with a conscious mindset. We are humble and proud to be a part of such an important and purposeful platform and have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.”

She added: “Winning this award will let us expand our network and keep working towards bringing positive change. I also hope to be able to inspire others to create with purpose and believe in exchange across borders.”

STAMM received €20,000 and the opportunity to develop an exclusive collection with Zalando that will aim to bring to market more sustainable design solutions across materials, production processes, technology, and traceability.

To further support STAMM, Zalando will make the latest collection, showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week, available to its customers across all European markets.

Commenting on the winning brand, Röper said: “The craftsmanship and embroidery on the leather styles as well as the complex construction of the down jackets were a highlight.

“We look forward to working with STAMM to create a capsule collection that explores alternative design solutions and innovative ideas.”

Runner-up Selam Fessahaye was recognised by the judges for her “huge range of materials, styles, and technical competency”, while TG Botanical was praised for the “craftsmanship, use of natural raw materials, and local production”.

[Image credit: Zalando]

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