Green Retail World season's greetings

Season’s greetings from Green Retail World. What do you want from us?

Season’s greetings from Green Retail World.

Thank you for reading our magazine, as we track greener retailing practices in the UK and (sometimes) beyond.

It’s been another year of environmental awakening in the UK retail industry. In fact, if 2020-2021 was the roll-out-of-bed-and-make-a-cup-of-tea stage of the sector’s environmental awakening then in 2022 retailers reached the metaphorical point of washing their faces, getting dressed, and wolfing down their breakfast.

There is still a long way to go until work is done, though.

In fact, in the greener retailing space, work is never done. It is an ongoing process of improvement with the industry needing to continually find ways to be better while also bringing in the revenue.

I believe most of the decision makers in UK retail are engaged in the process, as they continue to be influenced by the demands of consumers and their own workforce – not to mention the clear evidence of the climate crisis in every-day life. I am encouraged by the programmes being established, the embedding of more sustainable operating models, and the willingness to cut carbon emissions and embrace more circular thinking that requires quite significant changes in how retailers do business.

But they need help from policymakers. There is only so much retailers can do on their own without better guidance and infrastructure from government.

Be it clearer roadmaps and an increase in supply to deal with the transition away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles or providing more clarity around and investment in plastic recycling facilities and deposit return schemes to help shape consumer and retailer behaviour, there’s lots on the government’s to-do list.

At Green Retail World we’ll be addressing all that in 2023, and we’ll continue to showcase best practice in the industry to try and influence the wider sector.

I personally will continue to get out and about and test/analyse the examples of greener thinking being introduced by retailers and brands, and I’ll be documenting my views as well as those of others in the industry.

The end of the year is always a good time to reassess, so if you’re reading this and would like to provide some advice or guidance on where we should place our focus in the 12 months ahead then please do let me know via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Always happy to hear the thoughts of the industry, and pivot to what you find most valuable.

And if you’re a retail supplier that wants to raise your profile in the retail industry, do let me know. There are plenty of ways this title can help you do just that, and we have several competitive commercial packages available that I’m sure you’ll find of interest.

All the best for the festive season, and a happy new year to all Green Retail World readers.

Ben Sillitoe, Editor, Green Retail World

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