Mulberry working with rental platform Hurr

Alexa and Bayswater bags to hire? Mulberry teams up with UK rental platform Hurr

British luxury brand Mulberry has created a partnership with UK rental platform Hurr, allowing consumers to rent its bestsellers such as Alexa and Bayswater bags.

Having announced last week it was starting to introduce digital ID technology to its products, in order to improve supply chain transparency and resale authentication, the move to work with rental platform Hurr marks another greener retailing initiative under way at Mulberry headquarters.

The rental collection edit includes clutch, shoulder and crossbody style bags, and it is part of Mulberry’s stated commitment to become a more circular business.

Indeed, Mulberry has promised that if a bag ever reaches the end of its rental lifespan on Hurr, it will be restored by its artisans based at Mulberry’s Lifetime Service Centre in Somerset. The brand has committed to making these items available “as good as new” via its Mulberry Exchange platform.

In addition to the link with rental platform Hurr, the Mulberry Exchange allows customers to have their bags authenticated, or to trade in their existing bag for credit towards either a new purchase or a unique pre-loved bag.

Mulberry unveiled its ‘Made to Last’ manifesto in 2021, saying it aims to become fully regenerative and circular by 2035.

Thierry Andretta, CEO of Mulberry, who was on stage at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen last week to demo the digital ID concept, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with leading rental platform Hurr in another step towards transforming our business to a regenerative and circular model.”

He described the move as “another responsible and mindful way to experience Mulberry”.

Victoria Prew, CEO & founder of Hurr, suggested working with Mulberry signified “the shift from ownership to access in fashion”, and commended the brand for embracing the circular economy.

“We know the sought-after rental edit will be extremely popular following record-breaking demand levels across all brands on the Hurr platform ahead of spring/summer,” she commented.

[Image credit: Mulberry]

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