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‘Bringing eco visions to life’: Ikea taps into UK schools’ green thinking

Ikea is looking to reward green thinking in UK schools via a new competition that taps into the latest practical environmental ideas in the education sector.

To bring the competition to life, the furniture retailer is working with the Let’s Go Zero campaign, which is run by climate solutions charity Ashden and aims to help all 32,000 schools in the UK reach zero carbon by 2030.

Ikea wants to hear from schools to find out what they would like to do to help tackle climate change. From growing vegetables to composting or building bike sheds, all green thinking is relevant for the competition – and the retailer will reward the concepts it believes can make a real difference.

Let’s Go Zero and a team from Ikea will select four winning ideas from schools across the UK, and through relevant products, eco thinking and funds – up to a value of £2,000 for each project – the two organisations will bring these visions to life and help the chosen schools do their bit for the planet.

Marsha Smith, Ikea UK deputy country retail manager, said: “At Ikea we want to make living healthy, sustainable lives as easy as possible, not just at home, but in the wider community too – and that includes schools.

“That’s because schools can play a huge role in educating future generations and empower all young people to take climate action. But we need your help.”

Those applying must first sign up to Let’s Go Zero, which is a free-to-use resource that will unite participating schools school with other teachers, pupils and parents who are committed to working together to make schools zero carbon by 2030.

Part of Ashden’s work is to lobby the government to provide support that can help schools reduce their carbon footprint.

Applications close on 30 June 2022, and here’s the page to apply for the new Ikea competition.

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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