The North Face Renewed get resale tech upgrade

Renewed: The North Face’s second-hand initiative gets a resale tech refit

Clothing and outdoor equipment retailer The North Face has revamped its ‘Renewed’ second-hand programme by partnering with resale tech platform, Archive.

Archive builds customised tech for brands to incorporate second-hand initiatives into their businesses, and it has said it is helping The North Face work towards its environmental commitments. Renewed was initially launched in 2018, but in recent times many other retailers and brands have launched their own resale and second-hand platforms – making the sector increasingly competitive.

Now The North Face has unveiled an updated Renewed website, which is supported by Archive’s resale tech, giving the retailer more detailed product lifecycle information of a Renewed item – from warehouse arrival through fulfilment, including product identification, cleaning, repairs, and site listing.

Archive said this visibility ensures that each item receives appropriate attention, for example, a jacket that needs a seam repair, hiking trousers that need a new zipper, versus an item that is in like-new condition ready to be cleaned and listed on Renewed or needs to be recycled rather than resold.

Investment in the new technology also helps The North Face accurately price pieces for resale and better understand how their products are holding up with time, enabling a data-led feedback loop to product design, according to Archive.

Archive’s resale tech platform integrates with Tersus Solutions, a so-called ‘cleantech’ and logistics company.

Nicholas Thomas, senior manager of The North Face’s new business models department, said: “Last year, The North Face announced new environmental commitments, and the prioritisation of our circular business models are a big part of making these goals a reality.

“We are so excited that by partnering with Tersus Solutions and Archive we will now have access to best-in-class circular operations and technology. Tersus’ proprietary waterless cleaning technology, refurbishment expertise and location in Denver will elevate operations, while Archive’s technology will allow us to modernise The North Face Renewed shopping experience and explore future capabilities such as peer-to-peer selling.”

Emily Gittins, CEO & co-founder of Archive, commented: “This partnership also debuts Archive’s new full-service resale offering for brands.

“Our partners can now offer customers a more flexible second-hand experience, with the option of using a peer-to-peer marketplace or managed resale to buy and sell their items.”

[Image credit: The North Face Renewed website screen shot]

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