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Halfords Halifax: Retailer pilots product and packaging recycling scheme

Halfords Halifax has installed a recycling station, collecting consumers old car parts, windscreen wipers, difficult-to-recycle plastic and more.

The facility, which will be rolled out to other stores soon, is provided by Halfords Halifax in partnership with a host of green-thinking charities and businesses as part of the bike and auto part retailer’s wider environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

Batteries, including those for domestic use, automotive and e-bikes/e-scooters, are collected at the store, as are flexible plastics and face masks, rubber bike tubes and tyres, windscreen wipers and bike parts.

“We appreciate that recycling doesn’t fix every problem, but we believe it’s an important part of the wider solution of using the planet’s limited materials more wisely,” Halfords said in a blog.

“This recycling station is part of our product, packaging and waste management ESG targets.”

Halfords Halifax is working with UK-based cycling charity, Cycle of Good, which collects innertubes and recycles them – even ones that have been repaired multiple times. Cycle of Good has formed a partnership with a team of 13 tailors in Malawi, who use the material to create products such as wallets, backpacks, glasses and toiletry bags.

Other partners include Velorim, which takes bike tyres and separates the rubber to supply running tracks, playground flooring and such like, and MyGroup, which is already working with several UK retailers to turn difficult-to-recycle plastics into other items.

Another partner, MBA Polymers, has designed a multi-stage separation process for donated wiper blades from this project, aiming to maximise the amount of material that can be reclaimed from a popular Halfords item.

Meanwhile, Ecobat is a long-standing Halfords partner that collects and recycles batteries from its stores. As part of the Halfords Halifax initiative, Ecobat will work with compliance company Valpak to arrange collection and recycling.

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[Image credit: Halfords]


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