Spring and Co-op provide options for recycling electrical items

Recycling old tech: Co-op to install ‘buy-back kiosks’ in 20 stores

Co-op has started providing an in-store service for recycling old tech in 20 of its London stores.

In-store kiosks have been installed for recycling old tech, such as phones, tablets, e-readers and smart watches.

The devices are then refurbished or recycled by the kiosk-operating company, Spring, and prevented from adding to the UK’s rising e-Waste issue.

To receive funds for recycling, consumers need to set up a Spring account, and they will gain cash into a bank account or charity of their choice two to five days following their e-waste deposit.

After the London launch, Spring plans to trial recycling old tech in Co-op stores in other big cities, including Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds and Manchester. It has set a target of launching more than 250 pods across the UK in the next 12 months.

Tom Williams, co-founder of Spring, commented: “Creating a circular economy is key to living more sustainably, that’s why we’re aiming to get almost 100,000 devices back into the world over the next year.

“Spring makes it easy for both retailers and consumers to recirculate old tech, which not only puts money in their pockets but also has a major impact on the environment. Starting with Co-op, hundreds of Spring pods will be popping up at retailers around the country in the coming months.

Consumers can locate their nearest kiosk for recycling old tech at Spring.co.uk.

Mark Matthews, Co-op’s director of innovation & format, said: “Co-op is committed to operating at the heart of local life and creating value in our communities – we are working to develop new ways to provide added services and choice, conveniently.

“Our partnership with Spring will make it easy for consumers to recycle or reuse their electronic devices locally and prevent unnecessary waste. Making it easier for consumers to make small changes to their lives, can add up to making a big difference for our environment.”

News of the Co-op-Spring collaboration comes after Asda and musicMagpie announced last month that phone recycling facilities will be placed in several of the supermarket chain’s stores as part of a growing partnership between the two companies.

[Image credit; Spring/Co-op]

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