LK Bennett launches clothing rental service

LK Borrowed: LK Bennett launches clothing rental subscription service

Fashion retailer LK Bennett – a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton – has launched a clothing rental subscription service.

Green Retail World reported news the service was on the way earlier this year, but the ‘LK Borrowed’ concept has now gone live as the retailer looks to offer consumers a new and seemingly greener way to procure products.

The clothing rental offering comes in the form of an unlimited subscription model exclusively for women. Powered by US-based software firm CaaStle, and supported by ACS Clothing, which provides a cleaning and logistics service, LK Borrowed represents a completely new direction for LK Bennett.

For a flat £79 month fee, signed-up members receive two items in their first box and can make unlimited exchanges with free shipping both ways. Customers can return garments one or two at a time, and try multiple items from the LK Bennett RTW range.

Darren Topp, LK Bennett CEO, said: “We believe this exciting rental offering will attract a new customer base to LKB as it will allow customers to have an endless stream of beautiful quality products to wear, whilst limiting the environmental impact of fashion, through a rotating wardrobe.

“Further, by offering rental to our customers, we are providing the option to wear fantastic premium clothing at a more affordable price.”

New styles for LK Borrowed will be launched weekly, and customers can make use of the ‘Dart’ feature which allows them to customise their shipments and speed up processing time in between shipments – this comes with an additional £9 per box fee.

Christine Hunsicker, founder & CEO of CaaStle, commented: “Rental subscription services offer a powerful value proposition for both the consumer and retailer as it enables current customers unlimited access to experience the brand in a compelling new way, while also attracting new digitally native customers.

“As the first contemporary women’s brand to embrace our UK rental platform and services, LK Bennett has the opportunity to more deeply engage current consumers and broaden their customer base while creating a new, profitable revenue channel that didn’t exist before.”

Earlier this year, suits and formalwear retailer Moss Bros launched a clothing rental service with CaaStle and ACS.

[Image credit: LK Borrowed (LK Bennett) website screenshot]

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