The Perfume Shop's bottle recycling initiative

‘Smell good, do good’: The Perfume Shop rewards customers for recycling

The Perfume Shop has made some changes to its in-store bottle recycling scheme, offering additional rewards to participating customers.

From World Earth Day (22 April), the retailer has promised to plant a tree for every empty bottle a customer returns to the store for recycling. The business will also give green-thinking shoppers a 10% off voucher made from recycled card to use on their next purchase online or in store, which will need to redeemed by 22 October.

According to The Perfume Shop, the in-store bottle recycling service was first introduced in September 2018, giving consumers using it 10% off their purchase on that day as a thank you for their eco-friendly actions. But the new scheme, which is supported by waste management company Veolia, extends the time customers have to redeem the voucher as well as helping a charitable cause.

Cathy Newman, marketing & customer experience director at The Perfume Shop, said stores across the UK will offer the bottle recycling service and reward initiative, which is promoted by the retailer as “smell good, do good”.

“We are fully committed to deliver more sustainable products and choices for the future to help our planet,” she added.

For every perfume bottle recycled, The Perfume Shop has pledged to donate the cost of planting a tree to Eden Reforestation Projects, a charity creating livelihoods for millions of people living in extreme poverty by empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale.

The Perfume Shop also listed several other social and environmental pledges today, promising to raise £1 million for its chosen charities by 2026, switch its energy provider to a zero carbon 100% renewable source, and to deliver more sustainable products and choices for the future.

The Perfume Shop said it also re-purposes some of the perfume bottles it receives through its recycling programme to create bespoke features in its stores. This includes a chandelier made from bottles in its Sheffield store.

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[Image credit: The Perfume Shop]

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