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Garmentry: New peer-to-peer menswear rental website arrives in UK

A menswear rental website has launched in the UK, allowing consumers to hire clothing items from each other.

The new marketplace, Garmentry, provides renters with access to luxury clothing at a fraction of the original retail price, and has been brought to market with sustainability at the heart of its marketing message. At the time of writing, an AllSaints pea coat worth £400 was listed on the site for a rental fee of £20.

Those wanting to join the menswear rental website sign up online to browse and rent items for any length of time – the choice is entirely in the renters’ hands. Any user can also list their clothing for rental at their chosen price and availability, with casual wear, suits and accessories the focus of the site.

Garmentry said suiting companies have been operating in menswear rental for decades, but it argued rental has yet to be revamped for Gen Z and millennial shoppers. This is the gap in the market it claimed it is starting to fill.

The company has also positioned itself to help fashion brands offload any excess stock that has built up during the coronavirus pandemic, when most clothing and accessories stores have been temporarily closed to halt the spread of the virus.

Garmentry founder Callum Bramley said: “We believe that your dream clothing item exists unloved in someone else’s wardrobe, and you can wear it for a fraction of the retail price.

“We’re focusing on people who want to become more sustainable, start a side hustle or simply experiment with different styles. Bringing these three groups together will create a community that is passionate about wearing incredible fashion, sustainably.”

He added: “It’s clear from our research that the majority of men within the UK are unaware of the rental movement in womenswear, but we found that 70%are already lending their clothing to each other.”

Garmentry was part of digital start-up studio and business accelerator Activate’s summer 2020 Foundation Programme, and is supported by an advisory board of senior staff and directors from luxury brands.

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