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Net regenerative goals: Elvis & Kresse moves to new HQ

Elvis & Kresse – a retailer that reclaims materials destined for landfill and turns them into luxury accessories and homeware – has moved into a new headquarters as part of its ambition to become net regenerative.

The B Corp business, which also donates up to 50% of its profits to special projects or charities, moved into its new home at New Barns Farm in Painters Forstal, Kent this week.

In a blog update, Elvis & Kresse explained the environmental reasons behind taking on the new site, saying a farm location for a head office allows the organisation to stay true to its ambitions of becoming a net carbon and net regenerative company.

It acknowledges it does not necessarily know what the latter might entail, but understands it is part of a plan to achieve “renewably fuelled growth” in the years ahead.

“Over the last century economic growth has largely been fossil fuelled, hence a call by many environmentalists for de-growth,” the company’s blog stated.

“We aren’t sure that this is the right approach; we would rather build a business that can flourish and thrive, but only if its growth has vastly more positive externalities than negative ones. We can and should grow, but only if this growth is renewably fuelled, if more materials are rescued, if we can donate more to our charity partners.”

It added: “On a farm we can act directly, by choosing a regenerative path we can be abundant and positive, we can dramatically increase topsoil, we can sequester carbon, we can improve biodiversity.”

On the subject of becoming net regenerative, the retailer said it will take time but added it has already been welcomed by its new neighbours and by the wider regenerative agricultural community.

The 16-acre farm became Elvis & Kresse’s property on 4 December 2020, and the retailer, which has around 20 members of staff, moved in on Monday.

“Although we are leaving Tonge Mill, the amazing space that has been both our home and workshop for almost eight years, we are not wistful,” said the retailer.

“It is time to do more now, and the farm is absolutely the best place for us to do just that.”

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