Wrap announces Recycle Week 2021

#GlobalRecyclingDay: Wrap announces retailer support for Recycle Week 2021

Today is Global Recycling Day, but waste prevention charity Wrap already has its mind set on Recycle Week 2021 – which takes place between 20-26 September.

Recycle Week 2021 already has its first corporate donors, with Co-op, Coca-Cola Great Britain, Danone, Ocado and Waitrose the first to confirm their involvement in the annual campaign to inspire more recycling, more widely and more often.

Wrap said it believes 2021 has the potential to be the most significant Recycle Week since the campaign began in 2004. The theme of Recycle Week 2021 has not yet been revealed, but will be announced in the build-up to the event.

According to Wrap’s recent survey of consumer recycling habits and behaviours, nearly 90% of people have changed their recycling behaviour as a direct result of Recycle Week, with the percentage of the population recycling continuing to rise steadily. Apparently, 89% of the UK regularly recycle.

Wrap noted it is speaking with potential corporate funders, but it is keen to hear from interested businesses and brands who wish to support Recycle Week. In 2020, Wrap sought commercial funding for the annual campaign for the first time and managed to attract 15 donors, enabling it to significantly increase the scope of the event.

Marcus Gover, Wrap CEO, commented: “We know that Recycle Week is something the public are extremely passionate about and saw a huge response to Food Waste Action Week too.

“It’s clear the public wants action on the environment and is keen to be part of the change needed – and that’s what Recycle Week is all about. Last year we had our most successful Recycle Week ever, despite the pandemic, and due in no small part to the overwhelming support of our donors.”

He added: “We know that as much as 44% of people say they would be more likely to purchase or shop with a brand that supports Recycle Week, so this year I want to go even further, and for that we need even more UK businesses and brands to get on board.”

Iain Ferguson, environmental manager at Co-op, remarked: “Recycle Week provides a great opportunity to co-operate across the industry and motivate the public to recycle, ensuring this important campaign has a consistent message which we are delighted to help communicate.”

Jon Woods, general manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland, added: “Encouraging people to dispose of packaging in the right way is crucial if we want to eliminate waste as a society.”

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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