Eco-friendly Christmas gifts in demand in 2020

Sass & Belle: Eco-friendly Christmas gifts in demand

Some 65% of consumers plan to buy their loved ones eco-friendly Christmas gifts in 2020 and 56% said they’d love to receive a green present themselves, according to new research.

The study of 1,000 shoppers by gift wholesaler Sass & Belle found 27% are keen to buy presents they know are cruelty-free, while 8% said they will be buying second-hand items this year.

A huge 97% said they will be making an extra effort to buy from small or independent businesses this year, following the challenging few months these organisations have faced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What consumers say and what they do is often very different, but at the very least this research shows the inclination to buy more eco-friendly Christmas gifts exists.

Sass & Belle founder, Richard Stone, said: “We know that we are in the age of conscious consumerism, with more and more businesses creating dedicated collections for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products.

“These findings reaffirm to businesses the types of products they should be focusing their marketing efforts on as Christmas draws closer to capture those shoppers planning to buy their last few gifts.”

Some 11% of consumers said they’ll be splurging more than previous years on gifts for family and friends in 2020, but 43% said they’ll be spending less.

Several retailers have made an effort to ensure their packaging can be reused for other purposes this year, with Fat Face and Primark among the businesses distributing paper shopping bags that can live a second life as wrapping paper or festive decorations.

Fat Face’s so-called “mindful wrapping” includes large paper bags that can be reused as wrapping paper, medium carriers which can be turned into two crackers, and smaller bags designed to be made into paper chains once they have served their initial purpose.

[Image credit: Green Retail World]


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