Decathlon launches sustainable wrapping video

‘Sustainable wrapping’: Decathlon partners with influencer Emily Norris for Christmas vid

The UK arm of sports equipment retailer Decathlon has broadcast a ‘sustainable wrapping’ advice video in association with YouTube influencer, Emily Norris.

The how-to video illustrates creative ways to dress up some of the trickiest presents, via sustainable wrapping, including kids’ bikes and scooters.

Norris, whose YouTube channel has 734,000 subscribers, encourages parents to swap out traditional wrapping materials for greener options – and provides some novel ways of using sustainable wrapping that add to the theatre of Christmastime for children.

Making better wrapping choices means less waste this Christmas, according to Decathlon, which is running this particular marketing campaign as an extension of its previously launched Eco-design and Second Life initiatives, which were established to give customers more information on how to make sustainable choices when shopping.

The Christmas gift-wrapping video is set to be shared across Decathlon UK social media channels and Emily Norris’s Instagram pages, and there are a range of accompanying creative assets including photography and a set of ‘top tips’ from Norris herself.

Chris Gilroy, marketing communications director at Decathlon, said the festive video “aligns with Decathlon’s mission to be kinder to the planet”.

“Wrapping Christmas presents can often come at the expense of the environment – it is easy to generate more waste than necessary, and sadly the most common wrapping materials are also often non-recyclable,” he explained.

“The Christmas gift-wrapping video educates you on how to wrap your much loved Christmas gifts of all shapes and sizes. You’ll use less paper and you’ll delight your kids on Christmas morning.”

He added that the products featured in the video are some of the retailer’s most popular items and are aimed at encouraging children to have an active lifestyle.

Meanwhile, in other retail wrapping news, Fat Face has re-established its ‘Mindful Wrapping’ initiative this festive season. The retailer’s shopping bags – made from paper – double up as gift wrap, and customers are given instructions on how to give the bags a second life once used for their initial purpose.

[Image credit: Decathlon]

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