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Green guide: Retailers given support to make customers more eco-friendly

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) trade body and professional services firm, PwC, have produced a green guide for retailers entitled “Helping Customers Live Low-Carbon Lifestyles”.

Acknowledging the retail industry – including product supply chains – is one of the largest contributors to UK greenhouse gas emissions, the green guide aims to support retailers in convincing consumers to make more environmentally-friendly choices.

Helping customers to live lower carbon lifestyles and make more eco-conscious choices when shopping is essential if the retail industry is to reach its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2040, according to the BRC and PwC.

The green guide identifies four customer types and aims to support retailers in moving so-called “non-ecos”, those who are not informed or engaged with low carbon living, and turning them into “net zero heroes”, who care deeply about climate change and engage with ethical and sustainable brands wherever possible.

The best practice green guide covers how to educate consumers on the matter, as well as how to encourage them to buy and use more eco-friendly products and responsibly dispose of goods or increase the lifespan of products.

The green guide is part of the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap, which aims to ensure the retail industry and its supply chains are net zero by 2040. It is a target, in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, that is said to ensure global heating remains at non-catastrophic rates.

Helen Dickinson, CEO of the BRC, said: “Climate change is the greatest threat we face as a society, and we as an industry have a duty to fight it.

“The products consumers buy from our stores account for nearly a third of each household’s carbon emissions. Our role helping consumers to make better choices will be crucial in delivering the UK’s net zero ambitions.”

Tom Beagent, director for sustainability & climate change at PwC, added: “Although eco-consumerism is clearly on the rise, we know that some consumer segments haven’t fully embraced sustainable shopping.

“Retailers have a pivotal role to play in helping these less environmentally conscious consumers access better information and make it easier for people to make low carbon choices.”

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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