Tree planting tie-up between Barbour and National Trust

Tree planting: Barbour supporting great outdoors with National Trust tie-up

Fashion retailer Barbour has established a tree planting partnership with the National Trust.

Building on a tie-up it established with the conservation charity in 2022, Barbour is central to the Autumn Plant a Tree Appeal as it is matching tree planting donations up to a total value of £50,000.

The National Trust is asking consumers to help it plant 20 million trees, and is currently asking for donations to help it achieve its goals. The charity said it costs £5 to plant one new sapling, but Barbour’s commitment means double the number of saplings will be planted more quickly.

Essentially, Barbour’s involvement this autumn means if people donate today, their donation will go even further.

Barbour said on its blog: “Since 1894, the great outdoors has been an intrinsic part of what we do.

“We have built upon our rural heritage through endeavours that strive to protect nature, so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. This year we hope to have your support as we continue our commitment to nature and the environment through reforestation.”

The tree planting partnership between the charity and the retailer started last summer, centred around Barbour helping the clean-up and restoration efforts at three north-east National Trust sites at Wallington, Cragside, and the historic Hadrian’s Wall landmark.

Storms in 2021 had a huge impact on many National Trust sites, and restoration work includes clearance, tree surveys to assess the health of “champion trees”, and path repairs to ensure access to nature for visitors.

The wider tree planting work aims to protect landscapes prone to flooding, attract more wildlife, and create new homes in nature, which Barbour says is close to its hearts because the brand is a purveyor of outdoor pursuit attire.

Barbour has also committed to planting another 90,000 trees globally, as part of the ‘More Trees’ project, supporting areas that have witnessed large-scale deforestation including Madagascar, Kenya, and Haiti. The brand is also encouraging more circular consumerism by promoting its repair services, aiming to help consumers get more life out of the items they buy from the company.

[Image credit: Green Retail World]

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