Retailers targeting Scope 3 emissions reduction

BRC launches new guide: ‘Monitor, Measure and Report Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions’

Trade body the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has launched its ‘Monitor, Measure and Report Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions’ guide to help the industry it represents navigate a path in its race to help the UK reach net zero.

The BRC said it has created the resource for retailers as part of its Climate Action Roadmap, which is the industry-led initiative it launched in 2020 to help get UK retail to net zero by 2040.

According to the BRC, more than 90% of retailers’ greenhouse gas emissions are generated within global supply chains. Known as Scope 3 emissions, these are the carbon emissions outside of a retailers’ direct control and represent an area of huge potential environmental improvement given the right strategy.

Being able to track, measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions is a huge challenge, but as the BRC said it is something that needs to be tackled if the industry is to meet its environmental targets.

The new guide, which has been published in partnership with tech titan IBM, explains all about Scope 3, provides frameworks and strategies for how retailers can gain better visibility and improve reporting of these emissions, and offers retailers inspiration in terms of where it can make the greatest carbon reductions.

In the guide’s introduction, the BRC sets out the task ahead for retail if it is to be successful on the path towards net zero by 2040 and why it is crucial the industry addresses its carbon footprint.

“Decarbonising our economy is a defining challenge for our age,” it says.

“Legislators and consumers are taking the problem seriously, and so are retail leaders. The retail industry is a significant force in the UK’s drive to identify, measure and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint. In total, the industry contributes c. 215 MtCO2e (million tonnes CO2-equivalent) per year.”

It adds: “The scale of the decarbonisation challenge requires concerted action from all stakeholders. Retailers will need to work with their suppliers, government and consumers to enable the necessary market transformations.”

Read the new BRC-IBM report here

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